12 Practical Ways Church Workers Can Get Outdoors

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As a church worker, you are busy and time is limited.  One often overlooked benefit of working at a church is that your time is often flexible.  At least, more flexible than many other jobs.  You aren’t required to punch a timecard or wait for a whistle to blow before going to lunch.  Your employer is likely understanding of family situations and realizes that ministry is taxing.  Take advantage of your flexible environment.  Schedule time to get away from your office and get outside.  Here are twelve methods I try to use to get outside.  I hope you can use a few of them in your attempt to get out more often.

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  1. Drink your coffee outside.

  2. Read a book outside.

  3. Make your family vacation an outdoor adventure.  Think trees, mountains, or beach and not museum, city, or mall.

  4. Read the Bible or a devotional outside.

  5. Listen to worship music outside.

  6. Go for a prayer walk around your neighborhood and pray for each neighbor as you pass by.

  7. Take a short lunchtime hike.  Find a trail you like close by and hike it a few times a week.

  8. Walk around the building…twice.

  9. Sketch something in nature.  Go outside and draw what you see.  Can’t draw?  Doesn’t matter - no one has to see it.

  10. Get away on a one day retreat…alone.

  11. Schedule a fishing trip (my favorite) or another outdoor hobby.  Put it on your calendar and block it out.

  12. Go on an outdoor photo hunt and post your pics on social media.

What ways do you find to get outdoors more often? Let me know!

Bryan Blackford