6 Quick Strategic Planning Tips

1.  Have someone outside your organization lead your process.  
This is critical.  If for no other reasons than good communication, organization of the process, and credibility. 

2.  Remember that strategic planning is more than an event; it’s a process.  
Once you’ve developed the plan, your work is just beginning. 

3.  Educate participants to the strategic planning process.  
This is another responsibility of a consultant who is leading your process.   Without the understanding of basic concepts, your plan will just be words on paper.

4.  Communicate your strategy.  
Once you’ve developed your strategic plan, let all of your stakeholders know about it…multiple times in multiple ways.

5.  Keep your plan alive.  
Specific actions steps should be spelled out as a part of your process.  Following these steps is crucial to keeping the vision alive in your organization.  

6.  Link your strategic plan to your budgeting process. 
There is nothing like putting our money where your mouth is.  One way people and organizations show commitment is through their wallet.

What other tips do you think are important?  Let me know!

Bryan Blackford