7 Questions that Reveal Your Level of Ministry Accountability

7 Questions that Reveal Your Level of Ministry Accountability (5).png

Accountability is about ownership.  Gauging your level or others level of ministry accountability should focus on determining the level of ownership of your vision.  If you don’t have a clear ministry vision or need help clarifying it, I can help.

To determine your level of ownership or the “buy in” for yourself or team members, ask the following questions:

1.  In one sentence, what is the vision of our ministry?
Either you have this down or you don’t.  Not a lot of gray area here.  If you cannot communicate this for yourself or to others, don’t bother with the remaining questions - work on this one.

2.  What specific elements of the vision are meaningful to you?
Having head knowledge of the vision is one thing, being able to explain personal understanding and motivation is the next.  Motivation matters.

3.  How would your life change if our ministry were to realize our vision?
If you are living a life that is dedicated to the vision, surely your life would change significantly if that vision were achieved - right?

4.  Who have you shared the vision with?
Followers of Jesus share the Gospel - it’s what followers of Jesus do.  Owners of vision share the vision - it’s what owners do.

5.  What specific actions have you taken to advance the vision in the last month?
It is one thing to think happy thoughts about your vision.  What are you doing about it?

6.  What challenges or barriers exist that may get in the way of the vision?
If you own the vision, you should know the things that could kill it.

7.  How much money have you given to advance the vision?
Show me your budget and I’ll show you your priorities.

What other questions help you clarify your ownership of your vision?  Let me know!

7 Questions that Reveal Your Level of Ministry Accountability (5).png
Bryan Blackford