How to Measure Engagement in Your Church

I recently had the privilege of attending the one-day Deep & Wide Tour with Andy Stanley. It was a day well spent! Both the content and the messenger were top notch and relevant to ministry today. The folks at Westside Family Church in Lenexa, Kansas did a great job hosting the event!

I took much of what was communicated to heart and am blogging a series of reactions to some of the main ideas.

Most ministry leaders agree that taking worship attendance or counting new members is not a good way to gauge the spiritual growth in your church.

Andy Stanley says it like this:
“If making disciples is what real counts, then we should really count it.”

Most churches and leaders wrestle with the questions of what should we count and how should we count it.

Andy and his NorthPoint Church count and make a big deal about these four things:

1. Serving
How many people serve at least two times per month in a ministry at your church?

2. Giving
How many people are regular/percentage givers?
I’m interested to see how churches define and determine this. If someone gives once a month, they are probably a regular giver. How do you measure percentage givers? Do you go with the number of people who have committed to percentage giving?

3. Inviting
How many people have invited someone to church in the last 6 months?

NorthPoint determines this by surveying their people periodically. I guess you could also get the information from your Connect Cards or new membership process.

4. Grouping
How many people are in a small group connected to your church?
This is the only number that NorthPoint has tracked consistently over time. It is their priority.

What are other things that you measure?
How to you keep track of it?
Let me know!

Bryan Blackford